Company promotional/brand videos

Our focus is 100% on creating corporate videos that actually work, rather than ones which bore the viewer to death.

Animated Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics for everything from sports to consumer products, logos, animated and live action movies, and music videos.

Advertising Design

Aenima can take care of all your visual needs. We are a full service design and production company.

Industrial Videos

Technology and Product Demonstration videos, Client and Customer Testimonial videos

The Bad Bit

Mini-Series 3D Cartoon

Broadcast 3D Animated TV Advertising Production

We offer a full service solution, from concept through broadcast-ready. We have the capacity to deliver large feature-length projects or 15-second spots.

Character Design

Designing and drawing characters for all forms of media: TV, Film, video games, comic strips and books, illustration and marketing art.

Visual Effects for Film & Television

VFX production including 3D steroscopy, green screen and 2D/3D content creation

3D Illustration

Visual production with powerful techniques of 3D illustration.

Large-Format Projections

Video and CGI for 3D projection video mapping, large format building & outdoor projection for all events.

Short Films

Aenima offers experienced visual development artist for storyboarding, Character Design, Background Design, Compositing etc.

Architectural Visualisation

High quality photo-realistic architectural visualisation. Exterior and interior renderings, animated walk-throughs and fly-overs.

Training Videos

Online training videos have the power to improve knowledge retention and learner engagement as it is.

Architectural Interiors

Aenima provides design services and interior design consultants to the hospitality industry, the residential sector, and to the commercial, educational, and civic entities in your community.

360° Animated Video - Virtual Reality

Aenima provide full service in creating virtual reality & 360 degree film, video and interactive content for VR headsets, computers and mobile devices.

Architectural Photomontage

We specialise in the creation of high quality architectural photomontages that faithfully demonstrate a proposal in context.

3D Cartoon Series

Pilot for the animated series in development

Industrial – 3D oil and gas animations

Aenima produces multimedia, 3D animation, 3D illustration, and graphics for the oil, gas and energy industries.

Interior Design

Aenima provides design services and interior design consultants to the hospitality industry, residential sector, commercial, educational, and civic entities in your community.

Documentary Films

Combined with our other skills, we can also composite 3D Animated CGI and VFX over live action video to enhance a scene or bring an object to life.


Founded in 2003 by Aleksandar Vuksanovic and Francesco Gini, Aenima is an independent audiovisual production company based in Sydney, Australia and in Rome, Italy . Studio Aenima is both a production company and animation studio. We pride ourselves on delivering desired results in every field of CGI, including new virtual reality and 360° animated video. We imagine, create, and animate compelling visuals with a passion and excitement that we share with our clients.

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